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P3 Analog Gauge - Subaru BRZ/Toyota FT 86/Scion FRS (2012-2020)

P3 Gauges
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The P3 Analog Gauge *This gauge IS NOT plug and play. Boost/vacuum hose to the engine is required and wiring needs to be completed for power, ground, and optional analog inputs.


4 Available Analog Readouts 

  • Analog boost (yellow/purple/black - dedicated plug for analog boost sensor) *boost tap not included
  • Analog input 1 (brown wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)
  • Analog input 2 (blue wire - can read any 0-5 volt linear output sensor)
  • Battery voltage (red wire / black wire - read through power and ground wires)


  • optional auto-dim feature (green wire - connect to any circuit that gets power only when the headlamps are on and enable feature in the configuration menu for the display to auto-dim when the headlamps are on)

Optional Add-Ons

  • OBD2 power/ground tap harness allows you to connect to power and ground through your OBD2 port without any wire splicing (does not add OBD2 functionality)
  • P3 ESVA (ethanol sensor voltage adaptor) allows your gauge to read ethanol content and fuel temp directly from any Continental/GM Ethanol sensor *Ethanol sensor not included
  • LC-2 Wideband o2 Sensor Kit allows your gauge to read your vehicle's Air/Fuel Ratio. Includes everything you need to add a wideband sensor to your exhaust.
  • Any Other 0-5 Volt Linear Output Sensor Can Be Read oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, air ride pressure, egt, etc...

Analog gauge base kit includes

  • Integrated display
  • Analog Box control unit
  • Main harness
  • Hard-wire harness
  • Analog boost sensor *boost tap not included
  • Approximately 5' of 5/32" O.D. boost tubing with 5/32" I.D. hose at each end
  • 3 zip ties
  • 2 scotchlok wire taps

OEM Vent Option *RHD vent does not include trim rings

  •  We install the display in an OEM vent for your vehicle to make your install even easier

You asked, we answered.

The P3 Analog adds even more user control to what the P3 Boost-gauge already offered. We added 2 analog inputs so that you can bring even more information to your display without the need of your OBD2 port.

There when you need it, hidden when you don't.

No more bulky pillar or column pods... No more squinting to read tiny pixelated screens...  While retaining the OEM plus design that blends into your interior, the P3 Analog packs a punch with it's bold, bright display that allows you to pick up info at a glance.

Hot or Cold? No problem!

Even though the P3 Analog installs in your air vent, we keep in mind that you need that heat and A/C while designing each gauge.

Electronics in a harsh climate? We've got that covered too.

We've torture-tested our gauges to the extreme. From frozen solid at -94 F to physically melting at hundreds of degrees, our gauges function far beyond the limits of the in-car environment.

Simply put, P3 builds custom-integrated gauges that are tailored to blend into the interior of your vehicle. Rather than build a “one size fits all” gauge, we take a model-specific design approach that results in an OEM look and feel. We might be a small company, but we have a big vision– to change the face of automotive aftermarket gauges, one vehicle at a time, by offering an option that doesn’t look, well… aftermarket.

The company was started and the first product was invented, originally called the “Stealth Digital Vent Gauge,” by Rick Schilg in 2007 when he couldn’t find a decent looking digital gauge for his BMW. He used some of his design and fabrication experience to custom build a unique boost gauge for his twin-turbo 2007 BMW 3 series. A few design revisions later, he finally showed it off on internet forums, and by request of fellow enthusiasts he began hand building and selling boost gauges out of the basement of his home. After about a year of boot-strapping the company from nothing, he was able to quit his day job and work full time building and selling boost gauges. Rick currently owns and operates the company, and as Director of Development, carries out all circuit design, embedded programming, and technical aspects of product design and manufacturing, which is still done in-house, for a true “Made in the USA” product.

Building and growing a business comes with plenty of learning experiences. Anyone who has started a business (and kept it successful and growing for 10+ years) will tell you that you need to stick to what you are good at– find your niche, and don’t get distracted. As “P3 Cars” we have navigated the world of automotive aftermarket shows, crazy car builds, magazines, a bunch of project cars, retail ventures, etc. We used those experiences to learn where our focus needed to be, prune off some branches that weren’t on track with the original vision, and find success down the most efficient roads.

More recently “P3 Cars” pushed to return to it’s roots as a design and manufacturing company, and rebranded to “P3 Gauges.” We brought on Jake Thomas as Director of Operations to spearhead our domestic vehicle lines and build relationships in the muscle car world, and Matt Thomas to be in charge of production and shipping. All of us at P3 share the same passions. We are builders, we are makers, and we have the honor of making and using a product that we love, just as much as our customers! We had found the efficient roads to get us back to the original vision of changing the face of aftermarket gauges, one car at a time. P3 began to build a strong network for distribution, and partner with well known brands and businesses to extend our reach.

The company has now grown to have international franchises, a network of well over 300 dealers and distributors, as well as private label manufacturing contracts for major automotive aftermarket leaders. Even with the explosive growth, P3 has always and will always design, develop and manufacture it’s products in-house, while continually expanding our lineup to meet the demands of the growing performance industry… foreign and domestic.

We love what we do, and we look forward to making the best custom gauges for the best cars, for decades to come!