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RunHard Ground Kits

Brand: RunHard | Category: Earthing Systems

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Product Description

The most cost effective way of keeping your cars electrical system happy is making sure your grounds are in top shape. Let’s face it the original grounds are not up to todays standards and they are a huge eye sore when you are trying to keep a clean engine bay. A easy solution is upgrade them with higher quality peices because do you really want to cut and splice or rig up something from leftover parts out of the bin? This kit is a sure way that you can be confident in your build knowing you will have more time enjoying the road versus being stuck beside it.

All kits are hand made in the USA & built of very high grade materials in order to bring you the best the market has to offer
Industrial mutistrand insulated copper core covered with a thick insulation provided the best connection with your chassis electrical
Sleeved in Raychem providing high grade protection from high temperatures and abrasion resistance.
All terminals are top shelf materials providing a clean solid connection with high resistance to corrosion from the elements

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